Friday 11 August 2023

Can I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet as a 2nd screen for my Mac?

 The short answer it yes, it is possible to use any Samsung Tab tablet as a 2nd screen for a Mac computer. Apple makes it easy to use iPads as 2nd screens for Macs, but the Sidecar app is not available for Android tablets.

The video below offers a quick explanation of how to use a Samsung tablet as a 2nd display for a MacBook Air M1. 


How to use a Samsung tablet as a 2nd display for a Mac 

  • You need to visit Google Play Store on your Samsung tablet and download Duet.
  • Visit on your Mac and select the plan that best suits you.
  • Sign up on your Mac )plans start at $3 pert month).
  • Download Duet Display from 
  • Follow the instructions to connect the tablet to the computer (you can use a cable or wireless over your Wi-Fi network).
  • Visit Display Settings on your Mac to configure the position of the displays.
The above is very easy to do and just takes a few minutes. 

How much does it cost to use my tablet as a 2nd screen for my Mac?

There are no free options that I could find. Duet Display costs $3 per month if connecting the devices using your Mac's USB cable. If using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), it costs $4 per month. There are higher plans for teams who will need more than one connection. 

Is Duet Display a good option for using a tablet as a 2nd screen for a MacBook or iMac?

Yes, Duet works perfectly. On my Samsung Tab S7 Plus the resolution automatically adjusted to the best settings and it works just as well as using a proper computer monitor. I assume it will work just as well for other Android tablets.

Should I buy a cheap iPad instead of paying for the Duet Display subscription:?

Duet works so well that there is no need to buy an iPad if you want a 2nd screen for your MacBook, which is especially important for those who travel. If you will just be using it at home, it might be worth considering buying an iPad and saving on the cost of the subscription. 

Keep in mind that you will require a fairly recent iPad for Sidecar to work. The 3rd Generation iPad Air is the cheapest iPad that will work as a secondary display for a Mac with Sidecar.