Friday 8 August 2014

Care Industry One of Biggest Growers

The British elderly care industry is booming right now. Massive investments are leading to a whole new generation of companies. Companies like Safe Harbor who began with just one nursing home in the Midlands now have 5 in the region.

These once small firms are simply reacting to the market as more and more elderly people seek quality care. The rise of the internet generation has ensured that standards need to remain high. One bad review online can make or break a business so quality care needs to be adhered to at all times.

People want their family members to reside in smaller homes with a sense of community and homeliness. This is why it is the smaller companies who are gradually making their mark rather than bigger ones with hospital-like accommodations which offer unpleasant and “cold” feeling accommodation.

Care homes like Agnes and Arthur (pictured) offer small, homely environments for their residents. This makes the transition much easier for residents when moving out of their own homes. Many elderly people have a fear of hospitals, so using converted large mansions or small apartment blocks is the trend.

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