Thursday 7 March 2013

The easy way to improve ski technique

Skiing is one of those activities that participants often just manage once or twice a year. That means it can be impossible to stay “slope ready” unless you live close by to an practice slope. There are a few ski simulator machines on the market but they cost large amounts of money, which means they aren’t worth buying for most people. The good news for skiers of all levels is that SkiA Designs Ltd launched a great little ski gadget last year, which is the ideal solution.

SkiA Sweetspot ski training block

The Sweetspot is a ski trainer which can be used anywhere. The blocks are attached to the bottom of your boots and designed to give you that “sweetspot” feeling you get when balancing perfectly. At just £45/$72.50 per pair this represents good value for anyone looking to learn how to ski. It is also said to be useful for experts who need to hone their technique, or those undergoing rehabilitation from a ski injury.

The Sweetspot improves balance by giving users the feeling of being on real snow. It is also able to improve other aspects of ski technique such as control, turns and posture. Some ski coaches have advised their students to use the Sweetspot to practice at home. There are instructional videos and a free ebook available on the SkiA website at Skiers in the USA can visit There are also online stores for Australia and New Zealand.