Friday 14 October 2022

Best Insomnia Help Videos on YouTube

 Best Free Insomnia Help Videos Online

Uscenes had created two amazing insomnia videos on YouTube: 

The first of these sleep aids is called The Insomnia Key and has had nearly 5 million views! A new one was just release called Sunsets Insomnia Video.

The Insomnia Key - The Best Insomnia Help Video on YouTube?

Firstly let's take a look at the most popular and best sleep help video by Uscenes. This one has binaural audio which is proven to help listeners fall asleep. The video is made up of a collection of Uscenes Full HD videos. This includes aquariums, fireplaces and scenery from across the globe. 

The videos have all been darkened and their surround sound audio has been left on, but at a low level. They are blended together using "cross dissolve" transitions, which slowly blend each video into the next. This helps to create a dreamy feeling.  

Uscenes New Insomnia Video Featuring a Sunset Compilation

The latest offering Sunsets Insomnia Video is also a selection of scenes blended together. They also have the brightness and volume lowered. These ones had surround sound which combines with a new binaural audio track to create a more immersive soundscape.

This newer video is longer than The Insomnia Key at 46 minutes, compared to the previous 30 minutes. This is because Uscnenes had more sunset videos and some people weren't falling asleep in the 10 minute average that The Insomnia Key has.

Which one do you think is the best insomnia aid? Or do you prefer something else? Uscenes have published a Help Fall Asleep Playlist which features content from other channels across YouTube. This includes alternative options like Unintentional ASMR, brown noise, white noise, bedtime stories, guided sleep meditation, sleep tips and other sleep aid videos. 

Hot Tip:

If using either video to help you fall asleep, don't get tempted to start reading the comments. Uscenes stress that they only left the comments on so that people could report back on how long the videos take to send people to sleep. This is how they arrived at the 10 minutes average sleep time for The Insomnia Key. Although it is clear from the comments that it often takes much less than 10 minutes to work. 

Also, check out the video descriptions, which is especially helpful for The Insomnia Key. It contains lots of sleep tips you may already know but there are so many that there will surely be a few extra bit of insomnia advice that you won't know about. It is important to be ready to sleep before using the videos and their audio - both mentally and physically. 

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