Friday 11 August 2023

Can I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet as a 2nd screen for my Mac?

 The short answer it yes, it is possible to use any Samsung Tab tablet as a 2nd screen for a Mac computer. Apple makes it easy to use iPads as 2nd screens for Macs, but the Sidecar app is not available for Android tablets.

The video below offers a quick explanation of how to use a Samsung tablet as a 2nd display for a MacBook Air M1. 


How to use a Samsung tablet as a 2nd display for a Mac 

  • You need to visit Google Play Store on your Samsung tablet and download Duet.
  • Visit on your Mac and select the plan that best suits you.
  • Sign up on your Mac )plans start at $3 pert month).
  • Download Duet Display from 
  • Follow the instructions to connect the tablet to the computer (you can use a cable or wireless over your Wi-Fi network).
  • Visit Display Settings on your Mac to configure the position of the displays.
The above is very easy to do and just takes a few minutes. 

How much does it cost to use my tablet as a 2nd screen for my Mac?

There are no free options that I could find. Duet Display costs $3 per month if connecting the devices using your Mac's USB cable. If using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), it costs $4 per month. There are higher plans for teams who will need more than one connection. 

Is Duet Display a good option for using a tablet as a 2nd screen for a MacBook or iMac?

Yes, Duet works perfectly. On my Samsung Tab S7 Plus the resolution automatically adjusted to the best settings and it works just as well as using a proper computer monitor. I assume it will work just as well for other Android tablets.

Should I buy a cheap iPad instead of paying for the Duet Display subscription:?

Duet works so well that there is no need to buy an iPad if you want a 2nd screen for your MacBook, which is especially important for those who travel. If you will just be using it at home, it might be worth considering buying an iPad and saving on the cost of the subscription. 

Keep in mind that you will require a fairly recent iPad for Sidecar to work. The 3rd Generation iPad Air is the cheapest iPad that will work as a secondary display for a Mac with Sidecar.

Thursday 1 June 2023

Where to Download Maps for Rusted Warfare?

How to Download Maps for Rusted Warfare?

Rusted Warfare is an amazing RTS game with old school graphics. If you enjoyed games like Command and Conquer decades ago, then you will probably also love this great game. It is available on Android and in the past few years it has also been made available for PC gamers. I just use an Android tablet so I will just be talking about downloading maps for that, although there will probably be some crossover e.g. Steam.

For Android phones and tablets:

You need to find a download link for a map. Download it to your device. Open Rusted Warfare. Click on Mods (at the bottom of the list). Then click on Import New Mod. Find the map file, or you can select multiple maps at the same time. Click Import. Then you should click Reload Mod Data. Then click Save Selection. 

That's it. Now you can go back to the main menu, click Single Player. Then click on Your Maps (from storage) and you will be able to select your new maps. Some come with thumbnails, some don't. It can be a little time consuming when you have many maps as they don't all automatically sort perfectly. But these are free maps that fans have created so it is not an issue. 

Let's get down to business....

Where Can I Download Maps For Rusted Warfare?

- The official Rusted Warfare Discord server: 

This is a great place to download maps. There are 2 rooms with the old one being #map-archive and the new one being #maps

- The AEA Discord server:

This has a number of maps worth downloading. Nice and easy. 

There also used to be a spammy Android map called something like Rusted Wardate but it has extremely invasive ads and doesn't seem to have maps anymore. The app is so dodgy that it wouldn't surprise me if it put harmful files on your device; I am pretty sure it almost broke the actual game with something dodgy once, so it is best to avoid it.

Hopefully I will find some more map resources, but for now the 2 Discord servers have plenty for you to be enjoying.

More Rusted Warfare Resources can be found at
This includes a few other links for fans, such as the Rusted Warfare Sub-Reddit and Steam Community page. These links will open up the modding world to you, which I haven't got into yet. 

To All The Rusted Warfare Maps Creators - Thank You

I and many others are extremely grateful for the time you put into making Rusted Warfare maps available for others for free. 

Saturday 29 April 2023

Best Sleep Aid Supplement - Stilux Rotundin Review

If you are one of the 30% of adults that deal with insomnia you have probably already tried many things to help you fall asleep. Such as camomile tea, guided meditation, sleep sounds and sleeping pills. 

In an ideal world we wouldn't use sleeping pills to beat insomnia, but sometimes you need to be guaranteed a good nights sleep, or more natural remedies simply aren't working for you. 

This post is about spreading the word about what I regard as the best sleeping pills on earth. I have tried many and this one feels the safest to take regularly. 

Best sleeping Pill Rotundin
The best sleeping pills I have used.

What Makes Stilux Rotundin The Best Sleeping Pills?

Firstly, let me get something out of the way. I am not a medical professional and you should only listen to a qualified doctor when it comes to taking medication. I am merely relaying my own experiences taking Stilux Rotunding for the past couple of years. 

I do not think it is a good idea to take sleeping pills every night, or even most nights. This is simply the best of the bunch, in my opinion. These supplements or medication, I am not sure which category they come under, are from Vietnam. It is extremely unlikely your doctor will know of Rotundin. 

best sleeping supplement Stilux Rotundin
The best sleeping supplements in the world?

Rotundin Is Plant Based

These pills aren't what you would traditionally call herbal, as they are a medicine, not capsules with a plant in. However, they feel like the closest thing, with the active ingredient deriving from a plant. They are advertised as herbal on SIXMD. I think of them as in between being a supplement and medicine. 

Rotundin Has No Side Effects (that I have experienced)

Many sleeping pills leave you feeling "groggy" the next day. Rotundin doesn't. 

Many sleeping pills quickly build tolerance, meaning you have to take more and more. That does happen with Rotundin, much to a lesser extent than other options. 

Benzos are famously addictive and dangerous. Antihistamines like Diphenhydramine can damage brain cells with heavy use. So called "Z" drugs like Ambien (Zopiclone) are also habit forming and must be prescribed by a doctor. 

In comparison, Rotundin feels almost like a supplement. I have no desire to take it, I just use it as a tool for sleep as needed. 

order sleeping supplement online Stilux Rotundin
Stilux Rotunding is cheap to order online

Rotundin is Cheap

Stilux Rotundin comes from Vietnam. It can be ordered online with international shipping. Of course, that is more expensive than domestic shipping, but the pills themselves are very cheap compared to the alternatives. 

I suggest you do a test order with 1 box of 100 pills. Here is the link: and you can currently get 12% off with discount code Mat12. Just add a box to your cart and enter the coupon code when checking out. 

Why You Should Buy Stilux Rotundin and Not Other Brands

Stilux Rotundin (pictured) by Traphaco is a solid product. When I was visiting Vietnam I tried a few other brands of Rotundin and they didn't work as well. One brand didn't seem to work at all. So stick with Stilux. 

Ordering from SIXMD is safe and secure. I have ordered from them a few times to the UK with no issues. Shipping doesn't cost much, so they did take around 2 weeks to arrive. 

The website advertises the pills as "herbal". Although the box says "RX". I am not sure to be honest if you can call this a supplement or if it is medication. It is certainly something you buy over the counter without the need for a prescription, so I think of it as somewhere in between a medication and a supplement. 

Recommended Dose of Stilux Rotundin 60mg

Stilux Rotundin 60mg is strong. In Vietnam you can also buy 30mg Rotundin. For first timers you don't need a full tablet. Break one in half. I found it as strong as the first time I took a 2mg Xanax i.e. it knocked me out in 20-30 minutes. 

rotundin sleeping tablet dose
These sleeping pills are easy to break in half

If you are smaller than an average male size, you might even need less than half a pill. They are easy to break in half and quarters, so I recommend starting with a small amount. Tolerance gradually develops and after approximately 2 years i now take 2 at a time usually, although just one is often enough if I am very tired. 

You can order this excellent sleep supplement medication online at and you can currently get 12% off with discount code Mat12

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Insomnia Tips from a life-long Insomniac

Insomnia Tips from an Insomniac 

I have always had trouble sleep, just like my mother. We all have different reasons why we have insomnia. It affects around a third of all adults. Sometimes it is temporary e.g. if you lose a loved one. Sometimes there is chronic insomnia e.g. if you have an overly active mind or anxiety.

Plus there are many other causes of insomnia, such as when you are experiencing mental of physical pain. Or you could be leading a sedentary lifestyle leaving your body awake at night, despite you feeling tired.

The tips below are just a few things I have learned over the years, which should be of use to most people experiencing insomnia.

insomnia tips from an insomniac
Follow these proven tips to help you sleep better

Insomnia Help Videos

At the end of this article is a helpful video from the Insomnia Help Videos YouTube channel. I recommend you subscribe to the channel and use other videos from YouTube. I always like to end my getting ready for bed routine with a sleep aid video, or sleep audio.

There are lots of different ones that can help e.g. white noise, ASMR, guided sleep meditation videos, nature videos, bedtime stories and much more. It is best to make your own playlist of what works for you, as we all react differently to different types of videos, there isn't one perfect video for everyone.

If you can't sleep the natural way, try the best sleep aid supplement, Stilux Rotundin, which I have written about in another post. It has been my safety net when all else fails and feels safer than other pills.

Activities you should avoid before going to bed:

1) Avoid using your phone in the last hour of the day

Do not use your phone, tablet or iPad just before sleeping. The glare from the brightly lit screens is not good for your eyes and the rapid eye movement associated with games and social networking is going to over stimulate your brain.

2) Avoid work and clear work tasks or issues from your mind

Do not work too close to the time when you want to sleep. If you have any work related stress on your mind, you are ten times more likely to have trouble sleeping. This can be solved by making a to-do list hours before sleeping. This effectively transfers your work tasks onto a notepad or to-do app, and away from your brain. You will then find it naturally easier to switch off and forget about work until the morning. Just enjoy the sounds to make you fall asleep.

3) Get your body read for sleep

Sleeping videos for insomnia won't work if your body isn't ready. If you have had a relatively inactive day, avoiding exercise even more can leave you restless in bed. Make sure your body has had enough exercise to make it tired and ready for rest. Stretching will help you to remove tension caused by inactivity or stress. You may find a head and neck massage by yourself, or ideally someone else, will calm you be the best sleep aid. The sounds to make you fall asleep on this video will be more effective if your body is relaxed.

Have a getting ready for sleep routine you follow every night at the same time

If you get in to bed stressed, worrying, or "wired" from caffeine or electronic devices, you are setting yourself up for a long night. Make sure your sleep time is calming and try to consciously slow down your body. Then videos to make you fall asleep like the one below will be a helpful sleep aid.
Following a pattern each night by turning off/down certain lights and ceasing activity is a good idea. This will make the video put you to sleep faster.