Monday 24 July 2017

How I Sold My Car Last Week For a Great Price

My car is a real wreck, damaged almost beyond repair. The car was a gift to my son and after just 1 month he had crashed it. Thankfully all my nagging about using his seatbelt paid off and he was unhurt. But the car was a mess.

I managed to drive it home but it was stuck on the driveway looking like an "eye sore" and my wife has been on my back about it for the past 3 weeks. Anyway, to save anyone else this nagging, ooops I mean having a broken car on your driveway, I thought I would share how I sold it really fast for a great deal after weeks of no interest.

Initially I did what I would usually do and put it in the classifieds. I quickly realised the people who buy cars on these sites don't want an accident damaged car, they want one which is running. So I lowered the price. Still no joy. I added it to a couple more websites and still nobody even contacted me to make a single inquiry.

Then a good friend of mine (thanks Phil) told me about Sell The Car USA and the next day I had sold my car. Well technically it was the day after that I got paid and gave them the car, but it was agreed on that first day. Amazing!

Anyway if you want to sell a broken car give Sell The Car a shout. They are awesome. I believe they operate across The States. Basically they want cars which they can repair then sell, or recycle. They actually paid me more than I was putting on the classifieds websites, which was even better.

I fully recommend Sell The Car USA to sell any damaged, non running or broken car. The staff are nice, the service ultra fast and the price they paid me (direct into my bank account) was very reasonable.

Visit if you need a quote and they will give you a valuation within a day.