Saturday 29 April 2023

Best Sleep Aid Supplement - Stilux Rotundin Review

If you are one of the 30% of adults that deal with insomnia you have probably already tried many things to help you fall asleep. Such as camomile tea, guided meditation, sleep sounds and sleeping pills. 

In an ideal world we wouldn't use sleeping pills to beat insomnia, but sometimes you need to be guaranteed a good nights sleep, or more natural remedies simply aren't working for you. 

This post is about spreading the word about what I regard as the best sleeping pills on earth. I have tried many and this one feels the safest to take regularly. 

Best sleeping Pill Rotundin
The best sleeping pills I have used.

What Makes Stilux Rotundin The Best Sleeping Pills?

Firstly, let me get something out of the way. I am not a medical professional and you should only listen to a qualified doctor when it comes to taking medication. I am merely relaying my own experiences taking Stilux Rotunding for the past couple of years. 

I do not think it is a good idea to take sleeping pills every night, or even most nights. This is simply the best of the bunch, in my opinion. These supplements or medication, I am not sure which category they come under, are from Vietnam. It is extremely unlikely your doctor will know of Rotundin. 

best sleeping supplement Stilux Rotundin
The best sleeping supplements in the world?

Rotundin Is Plant Based

These pills aren't what you would traditionally call herbal, as they are a medicine, not capsules with a plant in. However, they feel like the closest thing, with the active ingredient deriving from a plant. They are advertised as herbal on SIXMD. I think of them as in between being a supplement and medicine. 

Rotundin Has No Side Effects (that I have experienced)

Many sleeping pills leave you feeling "groggy" the next day. Rotundin doesn't. 

Many sleeping pills quickly build tolerance, meaning you have to take more and more. That does happen with Rotundin, much to a lesser extent than other options. 

Benzos are famously addictive and dangerous. Antihistamines like Diphenhydramine can damage brain cells with heavy use. So called "Z" drugs like Ambien (Zopiclone) are also habit forming and must be prescribed by a doctor. 

In comparison, Rotundin feels almost like a supplement. I have no desire to take it, I just use it as a tool for sleep as needed. 

order sleeping supplement online Stilux Rotundin
Stilux Rotunding is cheap to order online

Rotundin is Cheap

Stilux Rotundin comes from Vietnam. It can be ordered online with international shipping. Of course, that is more expensive than domestic shipping, but the pills themselves are very cheap compared to the alternatives. 

I suggest you do a test order with 1 box of 100 pills. Here is the link: and you can currently get 12% off with discount code Mat12. Just add a box to your cart and enter the coupon code when checking out. 

Why You Should Buy Stilux Rotundin and Not Other Brands

Stilux Rotundin (pictured) by Traphaco is a solid product. When I was visiting Vietnam I tried a few other brands of Rotundin and they didn't work as well. One brand didn't seem to work at all. So stick with Stilux. 

Ordering from SIXMD is safe and secure. I have ordered from them a few times to the UK with no issues. Shipping doesn't cost much, so they did take around 2 weeks to arrive. 

The website advertises the pills as "herbal". Although the box says "RX". I am not sure to be honest if you can call this a supplement or if it is medication. It is certainly something you buy over the counter without the need for a prescription, so I think of it as somewhere in between a medication and a supplement. 

Recommended Dose of Stilux Rotundin 60mg

Stilux Rotundin 60mg is strong. In Vietnam you can also buy 30mg Rotundin. For first timers you don't need a full tablet. Break one in half. I found it as strong as the first time I took a 2mg Xanax i.e. it knocked me out in 20-30 minutes. 

rotundin sleeping tablet dose
These sleeping pills are easy to break in half

If you are smaller than an average male size, you might even need less than half a pill. They are easy to break in half and quarters, so I recommend starting with a small amount. Tolerance gradually develops and after approximately 2 years i now take 2 at a time usually, although just one is often enough if I am very tired. 

You can order this excellent sleep supplement medication online at and you can currently get 12% off with discount code Mat12