Tuesday 25 August 2015

Fishing, Cleaning and Sunbathing

This month has been glorious weather in England up north. Usually we get more rain and cold in August. It has been overcast but warm: perfect for me. No need for suntan lotion or a hat, or worrying about wearing black.

I have been taking this opportunity to go fishing. Below is a photo of a relative taken the other day:

Unfortunately this time it wasn't to be. I have had a bit of success this summer but all pretty small fishes in the nearby rivers and lakes. Nothing compared to the best I photographed below on my last holiday abroad:

This would be my dream catch

There have been a couple of sunny days which I have used for a spot of sunbathing. We even broke out the BBQ and crochet set one afternoon. I tend to get eye bags and a tan is the ideal way to get rid of them.

Roof cleaning to clear my gutters

I am not very good at sunbathing - it is just so boring. So after 10 minutes or so I need to do something. After the usual chores like trimming the shrubs back and mowing the lawn, I decided to clean my roof as there were a lot of leaves in the gutters. I would usually search Google for roof cleaning Cheshire for something like this, but decided to do it myself this time. 

What a boring job, but certainly less boring than just sunbathing. The problem is that you tend to slouch over when jet washing paving, which meant it did nothing for my tan. Anyway I whizzed through it and then applied a paving sealer in the hope that will stop me needing to clean it again anytime soon. Apparently it should help keep the paving clean for many years. Lets see.

The sky is threatening rain today so it is touch and go. If it brightens up a bit I shall cycle to the shops. We have an old bike with a rock hard seat. I found a seat cover for less than £3 on eBay (including postage) which has made an amazing difference. So I am eager to use it when I can. I do not do rain though, so I have to be sure hehehe.

In the meantime I have been reading about how dogs and cats are eaten in countries like Vietnam and China. I am certainly in support of the campaign to ban dog meat in Hoi An as it is a lovely place we have visited. I can't believe there are actually restaurants that have signs up advertising dog meat. I am in support of cat and dog meat being banned in all countries.

Anyways that's my little update, signing off for now. Hope everyone is also having a good summer.